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Dog Training Services in
Hillsborough, Durham, Chapel Hill, North
Carolina and the surrounding area.

A well behaved, stable dog is a joy in the household. Nourishing a bond
between you and your dog through fun exercise and obedience training is, I
believe, the way to go.

My name is Jeff Napoli. I am a
Certified Master Trainer in Professional Dog
Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Tracking and Trailing and Search
and Rescue.

As a professional dog trainer, I can help with a hands on approach that will
allow you to communicate effectively and assume the role of leader of the
family dog. I have worked with and trained dogs of all breed types and
temperaments, from the smallest toy dogs to the most highly driven working
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Durham, Chapel Hill and Triangle Area, NC
919 260 7564
Professional Dog Training
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Some of the problems that can be addressed include:

  • Aggressiveness (dog & human)
  • Shyness
  • Inattention
  • Possessiveness
  • Dominance
  • Excessive Barking

Having a dog that walks by your side without pulling, a dog that comes to you when you call,
that is not aggressive toward other animals and people, and that is a respectful member of the household
are just a few of the lessons I can teach your dog. You will learn the techniques that you need to help get him
there and keep him there.

If bad behavior is preventing a fun, relaxed relationship with your dog I will work with you to find the best in
your dog and enjoy being together. Very often a solution lies in a simple change in how the dog perceives
you. With some constructive coaching it will happen. You'll see.

My goal is for you to have an obedient, happy, stable dog that you want to spend more time with and to hear
you say, "I have the best dog in the world". Let's find that good dog!

In addition to Dog Training, I also offer Tracking and Trailing and Search and Rescue. Please click on the Dog
Training button above or this Trailing link for more information about available services.
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Find me on Facebook