Recreational Dog Trailing for the Outdoors-man

If you are an outdoors person and have a dog, there is a
fun, recreational and healthful activity that is as plain as
the nose on your dogs’ face.

Trailing is a fun, adventurous and rigorous pursuit.
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Active people that hike or love the outdoors will enjoy this with their dogs. Trails can be
as light or challenging as you please according to the stamina of you and your dog.

Many people are unaware of the dog’s incredible potential for discerning and detecting
scent. 12% of the canine brain is devoted to olfaction, forty times as much as a human
being. It is believed a dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times as great as ours, and
able pick up chemical solutions that form one or two parts per trillion. This is one area of
the human/dog relationship where the dog is truly master.

Most dogs that are healthy can be taught to track and trail (exceptions being the very
pushed in muzzles of certain breeds). Technically, we don’t teach a dog to track and
trail as he does this naturally. We teach him to follow a particular scent on command.
Learning from the dog by watching his body language, knowing when he is on or off,
working or goofing off are the skills we must learn. When you know how you dog works,
then you become an awesome team.

The necessary things for this activity are minimal: a comfortable harness, a long line,
and a favorite spot in the field and woods. Dogs love to work and when they put on a
harness the transformation is palpable. When the work is approached enthusiastically
and he understands his job, the dog is a joy to behold. You can see confidence
increase, pride in doing a good job, and the relationship between you and your dog

It doesn’t take long before you and your dog are able to find a person deep in the
woods, over streams, up and down hills with nothing more than a scent article as a cue.
Each lesson is taught incrementally and set up for success until the dogs’ confidence is
built up to such a pitch that he can then be challenged to the utmost.

Trailing dogs use ground and air scent carried by wind currents. A dog has the mind
boggling capability to sense different strengths of scent in each nostril making
directional decisions possible.

The first time I witnessed a dog trail and find a person hidden deep in the North Carolina
woods I could barely believe my eyes. It did not seem possible – a trick. I was awed and
humbled by this animals’ ability.  My estimation of the dog rose immediately and a door
opened for the possibilities of my own dog. There is something mysterious and tranquil
in the chase. No orders. Just quiet encouragement now and then, trusting your dog, led
by his unique genius.
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