Dog Training Tips:

If you are considering purchasing a puppy, then read these puppy tips
before you make your decision.

Sometimes your dog may respond with fear or anxiety to normal
situations. If your dog exhibits this type of behavior, then click here to
read one way that you can help your buddy to
relieve the stress.

You know your dog needs exercise, but you are exhausted. Here are a
couple of tips that you can use to
tire him out while you preserve your
own energy.

A good start to obedience training can begin with No Free Lunch.

Beware of the dog trainer who vows to solve any problem.
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Train in the rain. Put on a slicker and bring your dog outside in the rain. When it's time to come in (and he'll want
to), make him wait 30 seconds at the door. Sit/Stay. Motion to come inside and wipe him dry with a warm, fluffy
towel. Praise him. It's a lesson he won't forget. Listening to you pays off.