I would recommend Jeff to anyone. He is very knowledgeable about dogs. Jeff is one of those people who
connect with dogs naturally. He immediately showed me what I needed to do to be able to walk Eva without
her pulling me down the street. Subsequently, both of my dogs now get to go for walks a lot more!  I'm taking
both of my dogs to agility class now and it's lots of fun for all of us. I couldn't have done that before Jeff's good
help Thanks, Jeff.
- Nancy Jacobs

Thanks to you my Sonny is back to being the sweet and loving bulldog he used to be. Sonny is no longer
tearing up the doors and kennel. Thanks to you we are still doing the exercises you taught us and things are
going great. Thanks for your help and guidance. You were just what we needed.
- Trish Dry

Thank you so much for all your help with Jasper. He is working well on the no tug training, and we are so
thankful for the lessons you taught us! We want to provide him with the best life possible, and you have
contributed greatly to those efforts.
- Parker Wilson

Thanks for teaching the class, Jeff. Before trailing I always associated Annabelle's strong nose with her
getting into trouble because of getting into the trash. But now I love it that I can put such a sense to work and
feel good about it.
- Carolyn Grob
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Durham, Chapel Hill and Triangle Area, NC
919 260 7564
Home Boarding
“My mom was always telling me I was undisciplined. I
continued to misbehave. She found Jeff and I thought my
“play” was coming to an end. To my disbelief, I liked Jeff.  
He immediately taught me how to behave and still have
fun. I can now be trusted, and even go off-leash for some
running!  I appreciate that my parents have given me
guidance. My life is so much better! "
- Charly
Testimonials and Photos:
I just want to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy
we are with Emmie's transition into the perfect housemate.
Almost a month later and she's still doing great - listening,
waiting, and her recall is better than ever! The other day
she got away from me without her leash and tore off
running down the street. I for me to come to her - of
course, as you know, she's a fast one so had already
made it halfway down our block! That is something that
NEVER would have happened in the past.

Just saw the video on your website of her with the flirt pole
- BEST invention ever and so good for my high energy
baby.  Thanks again, and we hope to see you all soon - I
think she's missing her boyfriend, Bo.
~ Ebeth
I was having a hard time controlling my year-old rescue
puppy, and luckily found Jeff Napoli of Good Dog. We
had several private sessions at their place in Chapel Hill,
a nice quiet shady rural spot. Jeff was very knowledge-
able and immediately began showing me how to handle
and work with my dog in more effective ways. We
practiced leash-walking, recall, and other skills, mixed in
with fun activities for my dog. Everything felt very
relaxed, and he also answered lots of my questions and
gave me very useful advice about training. After my 4
sessions, I was much more confident and my dog and I
were already enjoying life together a lot more.
- Patty Ayers, Chapel Hill, NC, and Xai -
My husband and I learned that the dog we got from the pound
was 6 months old, not a year old; what a big difference! While
Izzy had a sweet temperament, we didn't know how to contain
and burn off her energy, and we needed help.

Jeff got us back to basics and gave us simple things to get
started. That made such a difference. Our puppy still has lots of
energy, but now we have the tools to help her expend it
productively and have fun with her. He was a great teacher, and
we are grateful for his help, especially showing us the flirt pole!    
Laura Hart