Dog Training Services

Give me a call to evaluate your needs and discuss what you can realistically
expect from dog training. Before you buy or adopt a dog I would be glad to
chat about what may be the best dog suited for you - what to look for and
what to avoid.

Four Week Obedience Training Course:
Dog training is a continuous endeavor which can be a fun and rewarding
experience if you have the tools and skills to communicate with your dog. For
this reason, I offer a private 4 week program that will teach you how to train
your dog in all of the essential obedience commands to ensure a safe,
balanced and fun relationship with your dog. We will meet for 1 hour per week
at my Chapel Hill training area located near South Point Mall.
Professional Dog Training
obedient dog
good dog
In this course you will learn to teach your dog to Down/Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Come when called and to have good
leash manners. These are the commands that every dog needs to know. We will focus on getting your dog's
attention and how to communicate what you want from him. Each lesson develops trust between you and your dog
and you will become more confident handling him. Each week you will learn a new skill that you will practice at home
and can share with your family. Play and exercise are a big part of our training, which keeps training your dog fun
for you and your pet.

Please call to check on available time slots and to register for this program. The rate for this course is $280.

Behavior Modification Training:
This is a customized dog training program for behavioral problems offered at the convenience of your home. You
and your dog will get the amount of training that is suited for your dog and your situation. A minimum of two visits are
required to ensure techniques are effective and the situation is improving. Some of the behavioral problems that can
be addressed are:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Dominance
  • Inattention
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • House Soiling
  • Snarly or Worse

The rate for these visits is $100 per hour. Long distance travel charge may apply.
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