Professional Dog Training
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Recreational Trailing

I offer trailing lessons for those of you who are outdoor lovers and wish to increase a work/play relationship with
your pal. Nothing bonds a dog to his owner better than fun work and exercise together.

Trailing increases your dog's confidence, gives him or her great exercise and is a lot of fun for everyone in the
family. Kids love the hide and seek game and the dog is puffed with pride when he finds them and gets
enthusiastic praise and a treat. Your dog need not be a bloodhound to do this. If your dog is healthy, then he
or she already tracks. We just get him or her to discern a particular scent and then follow. We start with baby
steps, setting up for a success each time, and move up to a point where he'll be bounding down a trail after a
hidden "runner". Click here for
detailed information about trailing with your dog.

Trailing Classes:
I offer private and group lessons. The group sessions are 6 week sessions of up to 4 dogs and their handlers.

Search and Rescue

I am also certified in Search and Rescue training for dogs. I can help you prepare your dog for search and
rescue testing for certification. Please contact me about a customized program that will meet your needs
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Dog Trailing
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