Dog Obedience Tip:
No Free Lunch

When feeding your dog, make him or her wait for his food until you give
the OK. This simple technique reminds your dog where good stuff comes

First of all, your dog must know the basic commands of come, sit and
stay. Once that is mastered, place the food bowl on the floor and quickly
remove it if your dog moves toward the bowl. Make him return to the
original position before placing the bowl on the floor for another try.
Maintain eye contact with your dog and after several repetitions, your
dog will understand what you expect from him and he will wait to be
released. Click here to see a short video of
How To Feed Your Dog.

The same waiting game is good for going outside and going on walks - all
good things. It's an easy, low impact way to implant your authority and
leadership in the dog's mind.
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