Dog Exercise Tips:
Use a Flirt Pole

Exercise your dog with a flirt pole. In a short play session, your dog will
burn up a lot of excess energy while you preserve your own.

This is also a great dog training tool to encourage patience and restraint.
Have your dog sit and stay. When he reliably does this, give him the OK
to run after his toy. When he shows signs of losing interest, stop. Always
end the game while he wants more. See
Emmie who was just introduced
to the flirt pole.

Contact me for instructions for making your own flirt pole or I can make
one for you for a nominal fee.

Use a Garden Hose
Use a garden hose to squirt water just in front of his or her front paws.
Tease your dog forward and encourage him or her to get it. Usually a
dog will chase the jet and try to snap at it. Let your dog get it sometimes
and lightly spray him or her, but not to the point of fear.
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